Meet Our 5 Stars Nutritional Products

In order to be included in this 5 Star category a product must be an advanced nutritional product, it must be consistently in demand (even without special promotions) and it must elicit good feedback from health care professionals who work with clinical nutrition. In other words, we must have the confirmation that the product is delivering the nutrients to the body effectively and produces the intended clinical results. Our 5 Star rated products are updated every few years to keep up with recent research and clinical feedback.

Full Spectrum 44 – A Multi-Vitamin-Mineral Supplement
In the past 20 years Full Spectrum 44 has been used consistently by many health care professionals who have been recommending it to their patients. The feedback that we have received, from professionals and patients alike, convinced us to include this product in our short list of 5 Star nutritional champions.

Our Iodine Line of Products
An innovative concept in clinical nutrition that brought in more positive comments, from professionals, in the last two years than most of our products did in 20 years. You are invited to review the latest information on iodine on our web site where you will find an article that was published in the FCA Chiropractic Journal, Explore the Power of Iodine. Among other things, it will help you understand why Full Spectrum 44 has a much higher level of iodine than most multi-vitamin-mineral products.**

The QGel® & QChew® Line of Products
Regular CoQ-10 is poorly absorbed. Only about 10% of what is ingested gets into the blood. Our QGel & QChew products with the exclusive, clinically tested,  Hydrosoluble™ and Hydro-Q-Sorb® Technology of the Tishcon Corporation, delivers about three times the CoQ-10 level to the blood, by comparison to regular CoQ-10. This was proven in a well supervised clinical study and verified by a highly experienced cardiologist who has been testing for blood CoQ-10 levels.**

Omega-3, 6, 9 a product that provides a blend of unique fatty acids with special nutritional benefits. Our first Omega 3, 6, 9 product was introduced about 20 years ago, when this nutritional concept was very new in the supplement industry. *

Along with QGel, QChew and Omega-Comp, this product falls into our category of Cardiovascular Nutritional Champions because it helps support specific nutritional needs of the cardiovascular system. Based on the work of the late Hans Nieper – a German oncologist and the father of the Mineral Transport Theory – C-V-F provides a unique mineral and enzyme support for the cardiovascular system.  

*    Some PDF information sheets are available below. For professional information see next line (** below). 

** A comprehensive information kit for this product is available by request – Exclusively for healthcare Professionals. When you request any of the above literature kits, if this is your first contact with our Company, please fax a copy of your healthcare license. Once approved you will be able to access our secure professional web site for additional product information.

Patient Product Information (pdf):

In addition to our own line of products, we offer various product lines with a total of some 200 products. While we are expanding our web site, please ask for additional product information based on your specific needs. Available to health care professionals who work with clinical nutrition.